18-Jul-2018Wadsworth, OH(21 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for any Free go carts or parts. If you have anything in the back of your garage, in the basement or out back in the weeds that you don't want or don't need any more I sure could use it. Can pick up. Thank you
Looking for TRS 80 Model 1,2,3,4,4D,4P Computers. Will Pick up
11-Jul-2018Wadsworth, OH(21 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of almost everything I had a fire that claimed all of our belongings including my car. Thank you for your kindness
I am looking for a push mower for my son. If you have an old one sitting in your garage or shed or in the weed patch out back you don't use any more We sure could use it. It doesn't have to look good. A running one would be nice but if it don't run that's ok. I can pick up. Thank you
I am looking for Call the Midwives book series by Jennifer Worth. Also looking for any books by the author Margaret Atwood, especially the handmaid tales. Also looking for Nancy Drew books series.
19-Jun-2018Wadsworth, OH(21 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of just two cement cinder block ends (smooth surface on all four sides). Preferably used in good condition.
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